Oui Desserts (Pastries)

I had previously posted on Oui Desserts on their macarons. On that same trip, I also shared a plate of traditional beignets with my friend. The beignets were deeply fried (visible burnt marks) and they were served with sweet vanilla bean cream (which was unusual). The beignets were not too bad but in my opinion, they were not as good as the ones I tried at Crescent City Beignets. However, the vanilla bean cream was fragrant and tasted good with the beignets (sugar overloaded!).

I also bought a Napoleon or commonly known as mille-feuille for myself. The mille-feuille was so so good! The pastry is flaky and the custard is sweet and smooth. Though it is a little pricey but it is worth it because of the good quality.

These pastries are definitely great for afternoon high tea!


ouidesserts1 ouidesserts2


Oui Desserts

3411 Kirby Dr

Houston, TX

(713) 487-9788