Doux Cafe

Doux Cafe is a newly opened (February 2016) cafe in Houston. It is spacious, clean and neatly decorated. Doux Cafe is a to-go cafe for chocolate lovers, and for people who love crepes and waffles. I was greedy on my first visit because I ordered a brownie crepe and a waffle all for myself. I was alone in the cafe on a weekday late morning and I thoroughly enjoyed the quietness while I dug into my sweet treats.



The brownie crepe was awesome. I am not a big fan of brownie but the brownie tasted good with it being stuffed inside the crepe, and the crepe was coated with white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. I finished the crepe fast and furious!

douxcafe4 douxcafe5


The triple chocolate waffle was fantastic too! However, after a few bites, I tasted sour flour in the waffle. The manager’s timing could not be more than perfect. He asked how was my waffle and I gave him my feedback that it tasted sour. He was shocked and insisted that I should stop eating it. He snatched the plate away from me and threw it into the garbage bin despite my assurance to him that I was totally fine with it. He then made a new waffle for me and added a scoop of ice cream (additional scoop of ice cream costs $1.99) as a complimentary dish. The manager told me that their food is made fresh everyday and the sourness comes from a spray, which was used on the waffle machine. I was very grateful that he provided such good service. Many thumbs up!



My complimentary triple chocolate waffle with a scoop of Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream. No more sour taste!



I would definitely go back to Doux Cafe again and again and again to get my chocolate fix!


Doux Cafe

865 Dairy Ashford Rd
Houston, TX

Oui Desserts (Pastries)

I had previously posted on Oui Desserts on their macarons. On that same trip, I also shared a plate of traditional beignets with my friend. The beignets were deeply fried (visible burnt marks) and they were served with sweet vanilla bean cream (which was unusual). The beignets were not too bad but in my opinion, they were not as good as the ones I tried at Crescent City Beignets. However, the vanilla bean cream was fragrant and tasted good with the beignets (sugar overloaded!).

I also bought a Napoleon or commonly known as mille-feuille for myself. The mille-feuille was so so good! The pastry is flaky and the custard is sweet and smooth. Though it is a little pricey but it is worth it because of the good quality.

These pastries are definitely great for afternoon high tea!


ouidesserts1 ouidesserts2


Oui Desserts

3411 Kirby Dr

Houston, TX

(713) 487-9788

Snowflake Cafe & Bakery

It was pouring and I wanted to get some comfort food. I happened to see Snowflake Cafe and Bakery round the corner, and decided to step in for some sweet food. The menu was on the wall behind the counter, and the menu was not extensive. I settled on a strawberry nutella crepe, and a cup of ice honey lemon tea.

The crepe and drink tasted good. The crepe was thin and soft, and the strawberries and nutella were a good combination. The honey lemon drink was not too bad but it would be good if there was more lemon taste to it. Overall, I was happy with my food.

While enjoying my crepe, I soaked in the cafe’s environment. The cafe has a simple and warm concept. The red cushioned chairs were inviting, and the cafe is clean and neat. Despite the cafe having a second level, it is a small cafe as more space seemed to cater for walking. However, it is a perfect cafe for a private party. There are also some card games provided by the cafe. Wonderful for weekday nights or weekends hang-out with friends.



snowflake3 snowflake2 snowflake1



11191 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX, 77042

(Located in Whole Foods Center @ Wilcrest)

Sweet Paris (Crepe)

If you have not tried crepes from Sweet Paris, you are missing out a great deal! Sweet Paris has a good menu of savory crepes, breakfast crepes, and sweet crepes. The restaurant’s menu is on the wall just right in front of the door when you step in. The restaurant has good ambience, and they have a separate room for private functions. It is a good place for catch-up with friends over some crepes or have a mini birthday bash in the restaurant.

I settled on the Argentine dulce de leche (DDL) crepe as I needed something sweet after lunch. I did not make the wrong choice! The crepe was served hot with the DDL warm in the crepe too. The most satisfying part was to cut a small part of the crepe and I saw the DDL oozing out of the crepe! Oh my… It was just ooh la la! The crepe was soft and thin, and the DDL was smooth and sweet. It was perfect! I have a video showing the dulce de leche oozing out of the crepe when I cut it but I could not upload it here. I would definitely go back to Sweet Paris for more crepes!



Houston, Rice Village

2420 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

Friday & Saturday: 8am – 11pm

Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 9pm


Houston, CityCentre

797 Sorella Ct
Houston, TX 77024

Friday & Saturday: 8am to Midnight

Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 9pm

Koryo Bakery and Cafe

Patbingsu also known as shaved ice, is a traditional Korean dessert made with fresh fruits. I remembered the first time I tried patbingsu was summer time in South Korea. This Korean dessert garnered many loves from all over the world. I tried several cafes in Singapore that sell this dessert, and they were sub-par; not as good as the one I tried in South Korea.

When I thought I would not have the chance to taste such awesome dessert again, I found Koryo Bakery and Cafe in Houston. The shop owner is a Korean lady and that gave me some slight assurance that the patbingsu would taste as authentic as the one I tried in South Korea. The dessert shop has ample seatings and it is sparsely decorated. There is no menu but only posters on the walls that display the desserts which the dessert store has to offer. I was caught in between ordering the green tea patbingsu and the red bean patbingsu. What to do when I love both green tea and red bean?! I ordered the green tea patbingsu ultimately. Guess my love for green tea is much more than my love for red bean.

My bowl of patbingsu had a scoop of fragrant green tea ice cream, some sweet red beans, crushed peanuts, cubes of freshly cut mangoes, shaved ice, and drizzle of milk over the tower of ingredients. My mouth was making fireworks when I put all the ingredients into my mouth. Definitely as authentic and as great as the one I tried in South Korea! I am particularly surprised by the green tea ice cream. Most ice cream parlors do not sell good green tea ice creams. The ice cream either has no green tea taste or has a strong taste of milk in the green tea ice cream. But the green tea ice cream from Koryo Bakery and Cafe had the balanced taste – strong green tea flavor with a tinge of milk in the ice cream. I could not get enough of the green tea ice cream!

Koryo Bakery and Cafe sells wedding cakes and confections too. I did not buy any confections as none appealed to me. Coincidentally, when I was enjoying my patbingsu in the cafe, I saw the lady boss wrapping up a beautiful 3-layer white wedding cake. The wedding cake was prettily decorated. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it!

Ignore the season; summer, winter, spring or autumn, you can eat patbingsu anytime! I will be back to the cafe for more patbingsu!



Address: 1304 Blalock Rd, Houston, TX 77055