Tous Les Jours

I was at H Mart shopping for my groceries when I saw a petite bakery called Tous Les Jours. The bakery sells many delicious looking breads. But what caught my eyes were the beautiful cakes and macarons! The cakes looked so creamy (not the type of cakes I like) and definitely looked appetizing. Unfortunately the bakery does not sell small slices of cakes like Tiramisu, Chocolate Cake, etc. So my eyes turned to the colorful macarons. Three new flavors were introduced to the macarons family this year. I got two of the new flavors – Black Sesame and Chai. I also bought three other flavors: Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, and Apple Pie. The macarons look so pretty, just like the picture! However, the price of each macaron is quite expensive.

Though the macaron is expensive, the taste makes up for the worth! The fillings are fantastic! The cookie is also very crispy and crunchy. Overall, the quality of the macarons is worth every penny I spent.



touslesjours2 touslesjours3 touslesjours4 touslesjours5


Tous Les Jours

1302 Blalock RdHouston, TX 77055


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