Homemade Salted Caramel

I love salted caramel. My favorite pairing is ice cream with salted caramel. The sweetness from the ice cream will be balanced with the salted caramel. I have been buying Ben’s & Jerry ice cream with salted caramel. It is so good! But recently I am in love with vanilla bean ice cream. Thus I decided to make my own salted caramel.

Making this requires a lot of patience especially the initial stage of caramelizing the sugar. Throughout the whole process of making the salted caramel, it was non-stop stirring. My hands got tired from the stirring but I was full of anticipation for my end product. I was very careful not to burn the sugar and always maintain medium heat.

After 30mins of non-stop stirring, finally my homemade salted caramel is done. I tasted it and my immediate thought was “PERFECT!!!” I will be having my homemade salted caramel with vanilla bean ice cream after dinner. I can’t wait!!!




Recipe is from Sally’s Baking Addiction.


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