Paris Sweet Pastry Shop

Today I went to search for macarons after a long hiatus as I was traveling around the world. I found Paris Sweet Pastry Shop while driving around. When I stepped into the shop, I saw many colorful macarons on display. There are so many different flavors to choose from. Flavors like mango, durian, blackcurrant, and lavender fig are sold in the shop, which is uncommon in other cafes. But while I was choosing, the lady behind the counter suggested me to get the lemon flavored macaron, and so I did.

The macarons were so good. They are so flavorful and they are absolutely worth the money. The macarons weren’t too sweet and they are addictive! I realized that different macarons are sized differently but it doesn’t matter to me. I will go back for more exotic flavored macarons!

sweetpatisseriemacarons sweetpatisserie


Paris Sweet Pastry Shop

13505 Westheimer Rd, # 8
Houston, Texas
(281) 498-0887

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