The Bicycle City

Copenhagen, Denmark, is famously known as The Bicycle City. Using bicycles as a mode of transport, goes way back into the Danish history. There are bicycle lanes on the roads and many Danes prefer to cycle to work, go out on dates, on their bicycles.

I was at Copenhagen for 2 weeks. I saw many beautiful buildings, got to know Denmark’s history, and ate many delicious food. My first $200 Danish Krone note was spent on a data SIM card. I can’t live without a data SIM when I am overseas, and having it is a life-saver! There are many telecommunications which you can choose from. But since I only required a data SIM, I opted for Lebara which provides me 15GB of data throughout my stay. The data SIM can be bought from 7-Eleven. 1GB of data costs $49 Danish Krone. I paid $99 Danish Krone more to purchase 15GB of data as I expected myself to use more than that. DO NOT throw away the receipt given to you as the codes for upgrading to 15GB are in the receipt.

lebara1 lebara2 lebara3


I did not join any free guided tour as I prefer to explore the city alone. I did not take the metro, train, nor bus as I prefer to explore on foot. There is less chance of me getting lost too if I were to walk than to take the public transport. My first tourist attraction was The Old Stock Exchange. The Old Stock Exchange is one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen. The spire’s design is of four intertwined dragon tails, and topped by three crowns, which symbolizes the Scandinavian empire (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden). Today the Old Stock Exchange are used for parties, conferences, and other events. It is not open to the public.



After taking some pictures at The Old Stock Exchange, I headed towards the Christiansborg Palace. The ticket to the Christiansborg Slot costs $90 Danish Krone, and it includes entry to the Christiansborg Ruins, the Royal Reception Area, and the Royal Carriage. The ticket used to cost $120 Danish Krone but now is $90 Danish Krone because there are no horses at the Royal Carriage (the reason why I did not go to the Royal Carriage).

Ticket to the Christiansborg Slot. Each corner of the ticket will be torn off for each attraction.
Ticket to the Christiansborg Slot. Each corner of the ticket will be torn off for each attraction.

Some pictures of the Christiansborg Ruins. There are many historical stories of the Christiansborg Palace. I understood the history of Copenhagen by visiting the Christiansborg Palace.

christiansborgruins3 christiansborgruins2 christiansborgruins1


The Royal Reception Area is an eye-opener for me. The place is so beautiful! The stairs, the unique tapestries, the dining area, the halls, the Queen’s library, etc, was just wow! Imagine yourself walking down the stairs like a royalty!

stairs3 stairs2 royalstairs

royalrecep5  royalrecep3  royalrecep1


This is the Queen’s library.


The Queen’s library has an elevator!



The chinaware used by the Royalties are exquisite and beautifully made. I found a menu on display but I couldn’t understand a single word because they are in Danish. Eat like a royalty!

chinaware2 chinaware menu


These are some beautiful tapestries hanging on the walls. You may mistook them as paintings, but they aren’t just paintings! Amazing thread work!

tapestry2 tapestry1 tapestry


After being astounded by the Royal Reception, I went to the City Hall, which is one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen. The City Hall also houses Jens Olsen’s World Clock, which is an advanced astronomical clock.

copenhagencityhall copenhagencityhall4 copenhagencityhall5 copenhagencityhall3 copenhagencityhall2


I have never visited Guinness World Records Museum so when I know that there is one in Copenhagen, I must make time for it. In the museum, there are so many record breaking news and people. I was fascinated by the world I am living in. The museum has interactive games for visitors and one of my favorites is the Boxer machine. I threw my hardest punch and scored 334 out of 910! Cool! The ticket for the museum includes a coin which is for the entrance to The Mystic Exploratorie. The Mystic Exploratorie is like a haunted house. Spine-chilling sounds and frightening displays… Enter if you dare…


guinessmichael guinesschili guinesschanel guinessapple glovebox mystic


A must-go tourist spot in Copenhagen is Nyhavn – a 17th-century waterfront, canal that harbors historical wooden ships, and entertainment district. There are brightly colored townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants along the canal.

nyhavn2 nyhavn3 nyhavn4


Amalienborg is the winter home of the Danish royal family, and consists of four identical palaces. I bought a ticket to tour at one of the palaces which is open for visitors. I followed a free English tour guide and gained insightful knowledge of the palace. The tour was about 30mins. Short and sweet. I was told by the tour guide that if a flag is risen on the palace means that a royalty is currently in the palace. I was fortunate to see the flag on one of the palaces, but not lucky enough to see the royal family!


amalienborg1 amalienborg9

amalienborg6 amalienborg7 amalienborg5 amalienborg3 amalienborg4 amalienborg2


Here are some of the sight-seeing places that I have been to: The Little Mermaid, The Round Tower, Rosenborg Castle, National Gallery of Denmark, Frederik’s Church, and Det Ny Teater.

thelittlemermaid roundtower rosenborgcastle nationalgalleryofdenmark frederikschurch frederikschurch2 detnyteater


It is a must to visit Carlsberg when you are in Copenhagen. The ticket consists of 2 free beers so keep your ticket well! Carlsberg came a long way to reach its success they are enjoying now. Remember to take a photo with the elephant statues when you are there! Also do not forget to buy some souvenirs back at the Carlsberg gift shop! I bought many nice magnets, mug, and cap opener!

carlsberg1 carlsberg3 nycarlsberg carlsbergelephants carlsberg2 carlsberg carlsbergcar2 carlsberg2 carlsberghorse carlsbergcar4 carlsbergcar3 carlsbergcar1 carlsberg3 carlsberg1 carlsberg2 bottlecollection1 bottlecollection2 bottlecollection3


I bought a “Around the Sound” ticket to visit Helsingør (aka Elsinore in English), Helsingborg, and Malmo. I took a train from Copenhagen to Helsingør (remember to check the train timing and platform on the screen). Then from Helsingør, I took a ferry to Helsingborg. Do bring your passport along because it is required for traveling from Helsingør to Helsingborg. I spent about an hour at Helsingborg then took a train to Malmo, and back to Copenhagen. The must-to-visit attraction in Helsingør is the Kronborg Castle where Shakespeare’s Hamlet was played. The castle is huge. Stroll the circumference of the castle while enjoying the sea breeze makes you forget all your worries. There wasn’t much to explore in Helsingborg and Malmo in my opinion, however, it was good to just be there to take a look.

aroundthesoundticket aroundthesound18 aroundthesound17 aroundthesound16 aroundthesound9 aroundthesound6

aroundthesound8 aroundthesound7  aroundthesound5 aroundthesound4 aroundthesound2aroundthesound3 aroundthesound15 aroundthesound14 aroundthesound13 aroundthesound12 aroundthesound10aroundthesound11 aroundthesound1


Enough of attractions. Personally, what amazed me the most in Copenhagen was the food. The Danes eat so healthily, which I can see from their figures! The Danish breads were so delicious and good! I bought breads from different bakeries – Meyers Bageri, Lauras Bakery, Lagkagehuset,  Andersen Bakery, everyday and they were all good! There are also many cafes in Copenhagen. The cafes are small and they have limited seats indoor. Luckily almost all cafes provide outdoor seatings so enjoy the sun and nature by sitting outdoor!

From Meyers Bageri.

meyersbageri6 meyersbageri4 meyersbageri3 meyersbageri2 meyersbageri1 meyersbageri5


Remember to take a ticket once you enter the doors of Lagkagehuset. Wait for your queue number to buy tasteful breads.

lagkagehuset1 lagkaghuset3 lagkagehuset2lagkaghuset6 lagkaghuset5 lagkaghuset4


From Lauras Bakery.

laurasbakery5 laurasbakery4 laurasbakery3 laurasbakery2 laurasbakery1


From Royal Smushi Cafe. The tea and pie were delicious but I wish the service could be better.

royalsmushicafe3 royalsmushicafe2 royalsmushicafe1


From Next Door Cafe. I ordered an egg sandwich and was given a toy car. The toy car was used to identify the customer. So remember to take it with you after ordering your food. I was shocked by how hard my sandwich bread was. The bread was so hard that I could not cut through it!

nextdoorcafe4 nextdoorcafe3  nextdoorcafe1


Visit La Glace for their cakes (at the first floor) and butter cookies (at the second floor)! Sit down for afternoon tea or get a slice of cake after lunch. Soak in the great

laglace2 laglace3



Cafe Dyrehaven is a cafe that one has to visit for eggs benedict. I ordered a plate for lunch and my eggs benedict was cooked to perfection. The portion was just right and the service was great. The cafe is always crowded and as usual, there is limited seatings inside. I sat outside to enjoy my lunch despite the cold weather. Yums!

cafedyrehaven1 cafedyrehaven3 cafedyrehaven2


Grød is famous for their Danish porridge. I had the bestseller which consists of apples, oats, caramel, and almonds. The porridge was so good! I could eat this everyday!

grod1 grod2 grod3


My husband and I reserved seats at Restaurant PUK to celebrate our anniversary. The food was good and healthy. However, we wished that the portions could be bigger because we are used to big portions in U.S.A.

puk3 puk4 puk2


Torvehallerne is a SUPERmarket but it is not your usual supermarket. There are so many delectables inside. Many varieties of cheese, expensive caviars, sharp knives, bakeries, wines, pizzas, fresh fish and meat, and many more! I had a lot fun in Torvehallerne!

torvehallerne13 torvehallerne2torvehallerne1 torvehallerne14 torvehallerne11 torvehallerne8

torvehallerne6 torvehallerne5 torvehallerne4 torvehallerne3 torvehallerne16 torvehallerne15  torvehallerne12 torvehallerne10 torvehallerne7   torvehallerne18 torvehallerne17 torvehallerne9


I got to try the Danish hotdog when I am in Denmark. I had the classic hotdog. Super yummy!

hotdog3  hotdog2 hotdog1


Hotel Chocolat produces high quality chocolates. I bought some back and I am totally in love with the chocolates.

hotelchocolat1 hotelchocolat2 hotelchocolat3 hotelchocolat4


Karamelleriet makes high quality hand-made caramel. The factory is inside the store itself and I got to see how they made their caramel. The store smelled so great when I opened the doors.

karamelleuet1 karamelleuet4 karamelleuet3 karamelleuet2


Ro Chokolade made hand-made chocolates. I tried the salted caramel chocolate. Yummy!

rochokolade1 rochokolade2


Of course I could not resist the temptation of eating macarons even when I am in Denmark. The macarons were not too bad but the jam could be more tasteful.

sweetvalentine laglacemacarons


Shopping in Copenhagen is not as cheap as shopping in U.S.A. I did not buy many clothes there but of course when I am in Copenhagen, I have to get some chinaware from Royal Copenhagen. Some may not know, there is a Royal Copenhagen outlet store. The difference between the non-outlet and the outlet stores is, some of the chinaware sold at the outlet store are of second quality. The details of the differences are transparent in the Royal Copenhagen website. However, there are some chinaware sold in the outlet store are first quality. I bought a mug, a bowl, and a plate from the outlet store. I am totally in love with the chinaware and I am still pondering when to start using them. I also bought many Lego keychains because Lego originates from Denmark!

stroget4 stroget1 shopping5 stroget3 stroget2  shopping8 shopping4 shopping1 shopping3 shopping2 outlet2outlet3 outlet1  shopping7 shopping6  lego







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