Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand is a great short weekend get-away place to go to. Many tourists go to Phuket for the beautiful beaches, and the great weather for sun-tanning. You can either rent a car or rent a scooter when you are in Phuket. It is necessary to have a vehicle when you are there for ease of exploring Phuket.

I stayed at the Laguna Phuket Resort, in a suite. The hotel receptionist was very helpful and patient. The resort has a small sized, well-maintained pool. The resort was clean and looked newly renovated. My suite was very clean and well-kept. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of space I have in the suite. I had fun running around in my room.

phuketresort1 phuketresort2 phuketresort3 phuketresort4 phuketlagunaresort


My hotel served complimentary American breakfast and the food was delicious. There was no air-conditioned seatings, but it was fine with me. The dining area faced the beautiful resort pool, and the weather was great. Great al fresco dining experience.

phuketresortbreakfast1 phuketresort3 phuketresort2


My first dinner in Phuket got to be fresh coconut juice (Thailand is famous for their sweet coconut juice), satays, which are BBQ meat (usually beef, pork or chicken) on sticks, and pad thai. I felt refreshed after taking a sip of the coconut juice. The satays were good. There was no fats on the meat, which is plus points for food! The pad thai tasted great too! A wonderful dinner.

coconutdrinkphuket satayphuket padthaiphuket


I have to visit the beach when I am in Phuket. I have no idea what was the beach’s name that I went to, but the view was awesome! The water is blue and clear, and most importantly, there was no litter around. Surprisingly, not many tourists were seen hanging around on the beach. I took a relaxing stroll on the soft sandy beach, and the beautiful scenery and wind blew all my worries and troubles away.

sceneryphuket2 phuketseaview2 phuketseaview sceneryphuket phuketbeachview3


After a relaxing walk on the beach, it was time for late lunch. One of the notable restaurants among tourists in Phuket Town is Dibuk Restaurant. Dibuk Restaurant has garnered many loves for their tasty food. I ordered a salad for starter, fried calamaris for appetizer, and pan-fried salmon as my entree. The ingredients used were fresh, and the food were not oily. The restaurant was conscientious to serve rice which was heart-shaped. That was very sweet of them. The food was great and though the portion was a little small, overall the quality is more important than quantity. I was very satisfied with my sumptuous lunch.

saladphuket salmonphuket noodlesphuket friedcalamariphuket friedfoodphuket heartricephuket icewaterphuket orangejuicephuket


Though I could not find any sweet desserts in Phuket, I was happy that at least I got to eat some really good food Phuket Town got to offer.



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