Taipei, Taiwan

My first meal in Taipei, Taiwan, got to be something warm to kill the cold. A bowl of hot beancurd soup, a basket of steaming xiao long bao (Chinese dumplings), and a bowl of warm zha jiang mien (Chinese noodles) did it just right. The soup is rather thick and had many flavors in it. The xiao long bao was not the typical ones that I tried. This had much thicker skins, like pau (Chinese buns). However, the meat (usually pork) tasted really good. The zha jiang mien was delicious too!

tofusouptaiwan xiaolongbaotaiwan zhajiangmientaiwan


A delicacy that belongs to Taiwan is the oyster mee sua (thin noodles). This is a simple dish with just oysters, thin noodles, thick broth, and parsley. The broth has to be the star of this dish because the noodles and the oysters do not have seasoning on them. This broth was superb! It was thick, which it was supposed to be, not salty, and full of flavors. Yummy!



Fried egg with oyster is another dish that Taiwan is proud of. Eggs are fried first then fresh oysters are added into the fried eggs and slightly fry them together. Add some house sauce and it is ready to be served. This dish was really good!



Taiwan desserts are also very popular among tourists and the locals. Their cold desserts are exceptionally good and creative.

desserttaiwan beancurdandsesametaiwan


There are many delicacies in Taiwan. I was saddened that I did not try more food when I was in Taiwan (because I was busy shopping). I hope to visit Taiwan again!

pushcartjidangaotaiwan pastataiwan japaneseramentaiwan  hellokittycake cakestaiwan drinksandcaketaiwan foodstalltaiwan delicaciestaiwan






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