Sweet Paris (Crepe)

If you have not tried crepes from Sweet Paris, you are missing out a great deal! Sweet Paris has a good menu of savory crepes, breakfast crepes, and sweet crepes. The restaurant’s menu is on the wall just right in front of the door when you step in. The restaurant has good ambience, and they have a separate room for private functions. It is a good place for catch-up with friends over some crepes or have a mini birthday bash in the restaurant.

I settled on the Argentine dulce de leche (DDL) crepe as I needed something sweet after lunch. I did not make the wrong choice! The crepe was served hot with the DDL warm in the crepe too. The most satisfying part was to cut a small part of the crepe and I saw the DDL oozing out of the crepe! Oh my… It was just ooh la la! The crepe was soft and thin, and the DDL was smooth and sweet. It was perfect! I have a video showing the dulce de leche oozing out of the crepe when I cut it but I could not upload it here. I would definitely go back to Sweet Paris for more crepes!



Houston, Rice Village

2420 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

Friday & Saturday: 8am – 11pm

Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 9pm


Houston, CityCentre

797 Sorella Ct
Houston, TX 77024

Friday & Saturday: 8am to Midnight

Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 9pm


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