Shout NOLA

A road trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, was fantastic. I stayed for a night at a petite hotel called Prince Conti Hotel, located at French Quarter. The hotel receptionist, Ava, was so sweet, helpful and kind. My hotel room was spacious and clean. The location of the hotel is great – in the middle of the busy streets, and is walking distance to many areas. I would stay in the same hotel if I were to visit NOLA again.

When in NOLA, I have to try some of their signature dishes.

Po-boy, a signature dish of Louisiana, is a sandwich with meat or fried seafood. I had fried prawns and the sandwich was delicious. The bread was crispy and fluffy, and the fried prawns were well-seasoned too. The sandwich just came together and it was awesome. I got this dish from Oceana, a fantastic restaurant. I also tried the cajun pasta from Oceana. The pasta dish was not a disappointment for sure. The spiciness of the pasta dish was just right, and the pasta was al dente.


Cajun pasta from Oceana
Cajun pasta from Oceana


Of course, I seized every opportunity that I have to find a dessert shop that sells macarons. Sucre is a dessert store that sells not only macarons, there are also beautiful petite cakes, chocolate pieces, and ice cream. In the shop, one full stretch of full glass display showcased the wonderful desserts Sucre had to offer. Everything looked appetizing! I bought some macarons (duh) to munch on. The macarons were really good. They were not too sweet and the fillings tasted amazing.

macaronssucrenola sucrenolamacarons sucrenola


The night was too windy and cold. My solution to get warm was to get a drink. I got a glass of whisky from Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar, which is one of the oldest bar in U.S.A. Laffite’s is a dimly lit, cosy bar with limited seats indoor and outdoor. Each table is candle-lit, which creates a very endearing environment. It is a good place to hang out with friends over couple of drinks.



A must-eat snack when I am in NOLA is beignets. There is nowhere to get this delicious food other than Cafe Du Monde. Beignet is basically a fried dough or also known as fritters, dusted with powdered sugar. The beignets were very delicious, definitely not just some fried dough.



While walking down the streets, I chanced upon Magnolia Praline. Magnolia pralines were made fresh daily and the pralines tasted fantastic. The pralines melted in my mouth and created sweetness in my mouth and throat. But I found the pralines were a little too sweet for my liking. There were various variations of pralines such as original, no nuts, and original creamy. The pralines were sold in boxes and also individually.




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