Sawadee-Ka (Bangkok, Thailand)

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, filled with roadside stalls and tourists, reputable for the gigantic iconic Sleeping Buddha, and a well-known place for cheap tailored suits, pants, and shirts. Also to note, Thai’s massages are the best! Despite the language barrier, Thailand is a nice country for a short weekend get-away. When I am in Bangkok, I would always go for the food and massages – the ultimate relaxation.

Pad thai is a signature dish of Thailand. It is a stir-fry rice noodle dish with ingredients like prawns, chili, eggs, beansprouts, green onions, and crushed peanuts. Everyone who goes to Bangkok will know that pad thai is a dish not to be missed. The first meal I had in Bangkok was pad thai, and I ate at a roadside stall. Though the pad thai that I had was not a big portion compared to restaurants’, I enjoyed the authenticity of it. I have not throughly explored Bangkok to know where to find the best pad thai yet. Maybe one day…



Another traditional Thai food is mango sticky rice. It is a Thai dessert made with fresh mango, and glutinous rice, thus the name sticky rice. It is served warm or at least at room temperature. I am not a big fan of glutinous rice so this is the first dessert that I would not want to eat several times. Eating glutinous rice bloats up my stomach because of the stickiness. I had to drink cups and cups of green tea to digest the rice. Despite this, it was worth the try as the sweet taste of fresh mangoes mixed with the glutinous rice was delicious. I had never thought of mixing a fruit and a staple together would have such unique taste.



I was walking at Chatuchak Market and thought of getting some fruits to quench my thirst. Guava was sold at every corner and so I got myself some guava. I was surprised to see a big bowl of guava topped with an unique powder. After doing some research, I learnt that the powder was called “prik glua” also known as salt-chili-sugar dip. It was my first time eating guava with such special dip, and it was good. The guava tasted slightly bland so the saltiness, sweetness, and spiciness of the dip instantly lifted the flavor. Oh my! It was the best guava I had tasted!



At Thailand, of course I cannot resist a bowl of tom yum soup! I had mine at the hotel I stayed in. I was surprised to see a bowl of yellowish-green tom yum soup instead of a bowl of red soup. Tom yum soup is a bowl of hot, sour, and spicy flavors. Ingredients in the soup consist of prawns, green onions, and other vegetables. Some variations of the soup are like tom yum seafood soup, tom yum chicken soup, and others. This soup was awesome! The soup had a balanced hot and sour taste, and I did not taste any MSG.



I also went to Chinatown in Bangkok to have Chinese food for lunch. The prices were reasonable and the food was not too bad. The main reason I would go to Chinatown for some food was to eat a bowl of bird’s nest. It is known that Bangkok’s Chinatown sells cheap bird’s nest and the restaurants guarantee that the bird’s nest is real. I had a bowl as dessert after eating my main course. Oh my… It was super good. I went to a restaurant that has many newspaper clippings on the doors to ensure that I had the authentic bird’s nest!

sharkfinsoupbangkok friedricebangkok  birdnestbangkok dumplingbangkok


Some other food that I tried when I was in Bangkok were shaved ice desserts, meat and rice dish, chocolate cake, and a Chinese noodle dish. All the food tasted good and I was a happy girl!

durianbangkok  dessertbangkok chickenricebangkok chocolatecakeroomservice

bangkokdish driedfoodbangkok


A sweet ending to my trip…





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