Matcha Mille Crepe with Red Beans

I challenged myself to do one of the most difficult desserts – mille crepe.

Mille crepe is commonly known as the thousand layers cake. It consists of layers of thin doughs with cream in between the layers. Lady M is one of the popular dessert shops which you can find some of the delicious mille crepes. This dessert is sold expensively because it requires a lot of time and effort to make it.

To make the matcha mille crepe, I searched for a recipe via YouTube. I thought that such a complicated cake had to be learned via watching rather than reading the steps.

The crucial part in making a successful mille crepe is to ensure that the dough layers are not thick. Imagine sinking your teeth into 12 layers of thick dough. Eww… Sounds like I am eating 12 stacks of pancakes instead of a yummy mille crepe. Therefore, when I made the mille crepe, I made sure I did not put too much cake mixture into the hot pan. I also took note of the temperature of the pan. It should be less than medium as I did not want burnt mille crepe. Recipe for my successful matcha mille crepe made 12 layers of dough. I did not want just plain mille crepe so I added sweet red beans in between the layers to create texture in every bite. It was fabulous! If you do not like red beans, you could add other toppings like blueberries or raspberries. You could also be creative by making plain mille crepe with chocolate cream, and crushed oreos in between layers. Alternatively, you could try making oreo mille crepe, which is also sold in various dessert shops. The joy of making my own mille crepe is I can control the ingredients I want to put in it!

Ingredients that I used:
~ dough ~
100g (cake) flour
2 eggs
50g sugar
1 tbsp matcha
200ml milk
10g butter

~ cream ~
200ml heavy cream

~ topping ~
sweet red beans




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