Koryo Bakery and Cafe

Patbingsu also known as shaved ice, is a traditional Korean dessert made with fresh fruits. I remembered the first time I tried patbingsu was summer time in South Korea. This Korean dessert garnered many loves from all over the world. I tried several cafes in Singapore that sell this dessert, and they were sub-par; not as good as the one I tried in South Korea.

When I thought I would not have the chance to taste such awesome dessert again, I found Koryo Bakery and Cafe in Houston. The shop owner is a Korean lady and that gave me some slight assurance that the patbingsu would taste as authentic as the one I tried in South Korea. The dessert shop has ample seatings and it is sparsely decorated. There is no menu but only posters on the walls that display the desserts which the dessert store has to offer. I was caught in between ordering the green tea patbingsu and the red bean patbingsu. What to do when I love both green tea and red bean?! I ordered the green tea patbingsu ultimately. Guess my love for green tea is much more than my love for red bean.

My bowl of patbingsu had a scoop of fragrant green tea ice cream, some sweet red beans, crushed peanuts, cubes of freshly cut mangoes, shaved ice, and drizzle of milk over the tower of ingredients. My mouth was making fireworks when I put all the ingredients into my mouth. Definitely as authentic and as great as the one I tried in South Korea! I am particularly surprised by the green tea ice cream. Most ice cream parlors do not sell good green tea ice creams. The ice cream either has no green tea taste or has a strong taste of milk in the green tea ice cream. But the green tea ice cream from Koryo Bakery and Cafe had the balanced taste – strong green tea flavor with a tinge of milk in the ice cream. I could not get enough of the green tea ice cream!

Koryo Bakery and Cafe sells wedding cakes and confections too. I did not buy any confections as none appealed to me. Coincidentally, when I was enjoying my patbingsu in the cafe, I saw the lady boss wrapping up a beautiful 3-layer white wedding cake. The wedding cake was prettily decorated. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it!

Ignore the season; summer, winter, spring or autumn, you can eat patbingsu anytime! I will be back to the cafe for more patbingsu!



Address: 1304 Blalock Rd, Houston, TX 77055

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