Patisserie Paris Je T’aime (Cakes)

On my same visit to Patisserie Paris Je T’aime (in my earlier post under “Macarons”), I bought some cakes too as they looked appetizing from inside the cake shelves. There were not many selection left when I was there as it was near closing time. This showed that their pastries were delicious and highly in demand. This was an assurance to me that the pastries were made fresh.

I did not have to ponder for long to know what pastries I would be bringing home with me.

The eclair caught my eyes when I read the label “Chocolate eclair”. I am very particular with the kind of eclair I buy. I aways prefer a chocolate filling eclair as compared to plain cream filling. I am a sucker for chocolates! The eclair was covered with dark chocolate powder as opposed to the conventional chocolate icing. To go with the non-traditional way was a smart move as the eclair was not too sweet, and the pastry was made the right texture – crunchy and not too soft. The star part of the eclair was the chocolate cream filling. The chocolate cream was smooth and of the right amount. The combination of the chocolate powder, pastry, and the chocolate cream filling was just simply yum-yum.



I was attracted to this hemisphere-like Yuzu-Orange cake. The color of the cake looked vibrant and I thought it would taste wonderful. However, because I have sweet-tooth, I was a little apprehensive to try a sour cake (cakes are supposed to be sweet!). Not wanting to go home disappointed without giving the cake a try. The cake turned out to be amazing! The cake’s sourness was not overpowering and the there was a sweet-sour balance. This cake would have to be eaten last so that all the sweet food which I had eaten, would be balanced off by the tinge of sourness in this cake.



This petite and cute looking (though not made beautifully) cake looked sinful, and indeed, it was super sinful. The icing on the cake was very sweet. I had to eat the lychee sponge cake and the icing together in order to even out the sweetness. I did not finish the icing because it passed my sweet limit. The sponge cake was soft and fluffy, and it was not sweet. Overall the cake was slightly too sweet to my liking.



11660 Westheimer Rd, Ste 107A
Houston, TX 77077
United States
Planet 3

(281) 531-1222

10:00 am to 6:00 pm, every day, except closed Mondays


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