Marble Cake

Marble cake is one of my favorite cakes. I did not learn to bake it only till recently and realized how easy it was to make it. I would usually get this from confectionary shops which sell a slice for it expensively. When I say expensive, I meant I paid a price which I did not expect to get lousy quality. Most of the marble cakes I bought were either too oily or the buttery taste was overpowering. It was hard to find good marble cakes.

This was the push factor for me to bake a marble cake. As usual, I googled for what I believed to be the best recipe to make the perfect marble cake. When I search for recipes, I prefer to use recipes that do not require me to spend a huge amount on the ingredients. I also make sure that the ingredients could be used for other purposes so that it would not be gone to waste after just one baking session.

My successful marble cake recipe which till now I still stick to it has never failed me. Every time the cake turns out soft and most importantly the texture is always good. The recipe I used is fantastic because the cakes I made so far, were never once oily. This is also a simple cake to make too! Marble cake is a good breakfast dish or it is good to have as a snack.

marblecake1 marblecake2


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